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New comic book, "Life with Archie—The Married Life," to follow Archie Andrews as an adult

Life with Archie--The Married Life #1
Life with Archie--The Married Life #1

Earlier today Archie Comics announced a new ongoing series following the everyday adventures of Archie married to Betty—and Veronica—in Life with Archie—The Married Life.

Archie Comics drove the world into frenzy last year when they released the cover image to Archie #600 of Archie proposing… to Veronica Lodge, debutante and social climber, and not Betty, the girl next door. It was later revealed that this was something of an ‘imaginary story,’ one that takes place outside of the regular world of the Riverdale gang. The short storyline illustrated what would happen if Archie chose Veronica over Betty: the proposal, the wedding, and the beginning of their life together. Then the storyline flipped, and we saw what would happen if Archie chose Betty.

The two storylines proved so popular with fans and the world in general that Archie Comics has decided to continue the storylines in Life with Archie—The Married Life. Each issue will follow the adult Archie Andrews in two parallel storylines: one if he married Betty, and the other if he married Veronica.

While Life with Archie—The Married Life will certainly be appropriate for all-ages readers, it seems to be targeted more for the adult Archie collector, rather than the children and young adult readers it traditionally caters to. From the Archie Comics press release:

The larger format of the magazine will allow room for more vivid artwork and a more accurate reproduction of that art with higher quality paper and printing. The magazine format, to be titled Life with Archie, is guaranteed to be the perfect package for this exceptional and pivotal series from Archie Comics!

Life with Archie #1, published by Archie Comics, will be available August 2010.

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