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New CNN poll says Hillary Clinton is a stronger and tougher leader than Obama

More Americans would trust Hillary Clinton in a crisis versus President Barack Obama according to a new CNN poll, March 16, 2014; the poll looked at leadership and likeability
More Americans would trust Hillary Clinton in a crisis versus President Barack Obama according to a new CNN poll, March 16, 2014; the poll looked at leadership and likeability
Andrew Burton, Getty Images

Six years later a new CNN/ORC International survey released on Sunday, March 16, 2014 answers a lingering question from the 2008 presidential campaign, who is the tougher more trustworthy leader in a crisis former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or President Barack Obama, hands down Americans answered Clinton. The new poll looked specifically at the "toughness and leadership skills," and likeability of both Clinton and Obama, asking a total of 13 questions.

The results of the poll definitely prove that Clinton was right in her "3 am phone call" campaign commercial from the 2008 race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Americans trust her more when there is a crisis than President Obama, with 64 percent believing she is "tough enough to handle a crisis" with only 53 percent feeling that way about the president, 11 points less.

With Clinton the frontrunner Democratic presidential candidate for the 2016 campaign, she leads Obama by nearly 10 points in all leadership categories; 64 percent find Clinton is a strong leader versus Obama at 50 percent. On managing government Clinton receives 59 percent support as opposed to the president at only 43 percent. While Clinton and Obama only come the close when Americans are asked which leader inspires confidence, still Clinton is ahead by 9 points 58 percent to Obama's 49 percent.

A majority of respondents are confident in Clinton's ability to be president; 55 percent believe she would manage an economic recovery and growth, and even more, 61 percent are convinced Clinton "has the right experience to be president."

According to the CNN poll Clinton comes off as "likable, honest, compassionate and admirable," improving in most of the polls categories than in 2007. Clinton has improved in the likeability factor than during the 2008 campaign, with 68 percent of respondents finding her likeable, five points more. A majority of Americans at 56 percent believe Clinton "shares their values" six points more. The same number finds Clinton "honest and trustworthy" 5 points more than in 2007.

The CNN poll only found one weakness, the percentage that would be "proud to have her as president." Only 50 percent feel that way 7 points less than in 2007.

The results of CNN's poll correspond with another CNN poll released on Sunday, on the ranking and support of potential presidential candidates. That poll found that Democrats and Democratic leaning independents overwhelmingly stand behind Hillary Clinton with 63 percent of support, as they have in the majority of early polls.

CNN Polling Director Keating Holland analyzed; "Obviously, there are big partisan divides on Hillary Clinton with most Republicans reluctant to say anything positive about her, and that suggests that views of her personal characteristics may sour once a presidential election gets underway. But right now, Clinton has a reservoir of goodwill that would be the envy of any potential presidential candidate."

President Obama does not fare well in the poll, as he has in recent poll gauging his job approval rating, but the president looks worst because he is being compared in the same poll with Hillary Clinton and the expectations of how she would be as president should she run and win in the 2016 presidential election.

The most recent CNN Polls of Polls released on Wednesday, March 12 found that Obama's average approval rating is 44 percent with his disapproval rating at 52 percent, while the most recent CNN/ORC International has Obama's approval rating at 43 percent.

Only 50 percent find that Obama is a "strong and decisive leader" the same percentage feel he "inspires confidence." Hollande concluded that "Neither of those are great numbers for President Obama, but they represent a slight improvement over his standing in November."

A majority of 57 percent believe Obama is "not a commanding presence on the world stage," not getting the respect of world leaders. It was a problem Obama's predecessor George W. Bush had, and which an Obama presidency promised to restore respect to the United States on the world stage, something Obama could not accomplish.

There is only area President Obama shines and still beats Clinton is the likeability factor; with 77 percent finding him "likable." This was proved by the over 15 million views of the president's interview with Zach Galifianakis on his parody interview web series "Between Two Ferns" posted on the Funny or Die website last Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

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