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New Clarisonic study says air pollution ages skin

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A study released today by the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System indicated air pollution as one of a few factors that ages skin. And it's everywhere. From our stove tops and lawn mowers, to car exhaust and smog, the small particles in each carrier silently irritate the skin, enabling all facets of fast aging (uneven skin tone, wrinkles, dehydration, etc.) that weakens its ability to serve as a protective barrier.

While the air quality index (AQI) ranked "good" so far this week for the Philadelphia region, the city last year topped the American Lung Association's 20-count list as one of the most "air polluted cities in the U.S." More than 80 percent of the world's population, however, breathes polluted air that exceeds the World Health Organization's recommended levels, according NASA, making the issue hard to escape. Air pollution is 20 times smaller than our pores and becomes stuck in the skin if not cleansed thoroughly, but the new study found that sonic cleansing removes up to 30 times more toxins than general hand-to-face washing.

Clarisonic used a tinted pollution marker containing particular matter (complex pollution) ranging from PM 0.3 - PM 5.0 to test the two face washing methods. The Clarisonic cleansing device was found more effective (seen in photo above), holding a circular brush that once activated, produced over 300 movements per second to gently remove dirt otherwise unseen.

"We've always known that The Sonic Method was the most effective method for cleansing the skin, proven to cleanse six times better than hands alone," Dr. Robb Akridge, Global General Manager of Clarisonic, said in a news release. "This exciting new discovery goes beyond that to prove that Clarisonic devices are the superior method for helping remove these toxic pollutants before they can damage skin."

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