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New 'Christian' label is a huge deception

The perversion of the Christian label is so blatant that even atheist Richard Dawkins can comfortably call himself a "secular Christian"....What?

When atheist Richard Dawkins describes himself as a “secular Christian”, something is clearly wrong.

With revisionism running rampant in the Christian church, the same philosophy is also revamping the Christian definition outside the sphere of the religious influence, so much so that even a devout atheist as Dawkins is trying to hijack the “Christian” label with a liberalized construct of what Christianity is.

The fault lies with the progressive and radical churches that have adapted the true definition of Christianity so much to incorporate world value that one can hardly distinguish the features which makes Christianity based on a belief in Jesus Christ as specified by the Bible.

“For they loved the praises of man more than the praises of God” is an explanation that runs true to demonic doctrines that are corrupting Christian foundations so much that an atheist does not mind being called a “Christian”, even a secular one which is an oxymoronic definition.

Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior is a basic requirement for being a Christian. So how can somebody as Dawkins have the audacity to call himself a “secular Christian”?

There are churches claiming that supernatural signs and wonders are no longer in effect. There are churches questioning the deity of Jesus Christ. There are churches claiming that Jesus is not God in the flesh. Accumulating all of these takeaways from the Christian doctrine, and you have something even avowed atheist Richard Dawkins can believe in.

This is a clear example of how far off liberal Christian churches have corrupted their own Christian definition. The deviations of the doctrine of Christianity are so off that many churches should not even call themselves a Christian church.

These “Christian” churches should be sued for false advertising.

The Bible is a religious publication that is also under assault by “progressive” thinking. The proliferation of revised Bibles has redefined the very meanings of the Greek and Hebrew language. Verses of the Bible have been twisted to meet the ideology of more radical thinking with propaganda rather than the inspired knowledge of truth.

There is a great apostasy taking place in the churches through those purposely attempting to deceive by false teaching.

These wolves in sheep’s clothing are working overtime to undermine the truth and to spread confusion as much as possible.

The fact that Dawkins has no problem calling himself a “secular Christian” cannot be underestimated regarding how far off target and corrupted the new “Christian” label has become. The Bible warns that once salt has lost its flavor, it is good for nothing.

Compromising God’s standards with worldly standards is rotting the purity of the church to the point where one cannot differentiate between the Christian philosophy and one of unbelief. This is a severe problem.

One is in serious trouble if a “Christian” minister has common ground with an avowed atheist.

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