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New children's book publishing company makes the process more personal

Mirror Publishing helps new authors publish their first children's books
Mirror Publishing helps new authors publish their first children's booksPhoto by: Swapan Debnath

Educational writing doesn’t have to involve painstaking, groundbreaking research for a thesis paper.

There is great joy to be found in writing stories simply for the ones we’ve dedicated our lives and careers to- children.

During National Book Month, some educators may be interested in learning how to get their manuscript out of a desk drawer and onto paper.

Mirror Publishing is a great place to publish a first children’s or young adult fiction book. They are a small co-operative press based right here in Milwaukee. Here’s what makes them different from other publishers:

- They are selective about what they publish.
- They do help with proofreading and editing.
- They only make 50 cents from every book sold.
- They make books available through every major wholesaler.
- They have incredible freelance artists available to authors at a fraction of normal cost.
- They do not do contracts since it is counter-productive to authors.
- They provide constant contact to authors.

To get started, submit your inquiry  here.

Teachers, administrators, parents, even kids… get publishing! It's easy and inexpensive.

For more information:

Mirror Publishing web site