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New charges Octomom: 4 counts of fraud could have Octomon in deep trouble

Nadya Suleman aka Octomom
Nadya Suleman aka Octomom
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

New charges for Octomon have been announced and they could have her in some very hot water. On Feb. 6, CNN reported that there are now a total of four federal fraud charges against Nadya Suleman, who can't seem to stand on her own two feet for a prolonged period of time. And now it sounds like she might be heading to jail.

"Prosecutors accuse Suleman, whose claim to fame is giving birth to eight babies in one day, of not reporting that she was making thousands of dollars as topless dancer and adult film actress when she applied for government aid last year," reports CNN.

The new charges for Octomom involve very serious allegations. If she is convicted of fraud (by way of lying on official documents), her life is most definitely going to change forever. While some might think she deserves it, others can't help but think of Nadya Suleman's kids -- all 14 of them -- and what will become of them if their mom is thrown in jail.

"An additional charge filed Wednesday alleges that she received nearly $10,000 in MediCal benefits she was not entitled to, the Los Angeles County district attorney's office said. The restitution they are seeking now totals $26,000," reports CNN. If convicted, Octomom faces over 6 years behind bars.

The new charges will see Octomom in court on March 11. Thus far, she has pled "not guilty" to three of the four fraud charges.

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