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New character for Smash Bros announced along with new "Gamecube" controller

And new Gamecube controller
And new Gamecube controller
Photo courtesy of Kotaku, used with permission

If any player has had worries about having to use the Wii U gamepad (or worse Wii Mote) for the new Super Smash Bros, there is some relief ahead. According to Nintendo Enthusiast, Nintendo is partnering with Performance Design Products (PDP) to release a Gamecube-inspired controller known as the Wired Fight Pad. This controller will mimic the Gamecube layout and will plug directly into the Wii Remote External Extension Connector. This controller will be officially licensed by Nintendo and will feature fan-favorite Nintendo characters such as Mario, Yoshi, and Princess Peach. The Wired Fight Pad will be ready for release alongside Smash Bros and will retail for $24.99. It can also be used for any game that supports the current Classic Controller.

Nintendo has also announced a new character for Super Smash Bros. While he's not new to the series, he's yet to be announced for the upcoming Wii U and 3DS title. Ike from Fire Emblem will be returning to the game, and in a much bulkier form. According to Kotaku, the newer, bulkier design of Ike is not very well received in Japan. Ike does add to a long list of characters that have been announced for the game, and he might not be the last. Look for Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Wii U and 3DS later this year.