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New changes to nutrition labels

The new nutrition label compared to the old
The new nutrition label compared to the old
Team Treehugger

The FDA recently unveiled their revised “nutrition box” that appears on the side or back of packaged foods and beverages.
The new box increases the visibility of the “serving size” allowing us to see what the size of a normal portion and the nutrients it contains.
The calorie content of a serving is in a larger typeface than any other information on the label.
One positive aspect of this type of labeling is: too many of these calories are the cause of obesity. The second positive allows us, as consumers, to distinguish “sugars” found naturally in a product from those that have been added, enhancing taste and driving us to want to eat more of the product.
The purposed revised label is currently the subject of public comment for the next 90 days, after which it is expected to appear on product packaging seen in grocery stores, convenience marts, vending machines, and push carts.
The current label first appeared in 1993. The new changes reflect the changes in our desire to eat healthier and improve our lives.
This article first appeared in the Los Angeles Times and was reprinted in the 28th of February 2014 issue of the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

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