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New Changes in Royal Oak


Photo courtesy of Flickr.

No smoking at the R.O.B.

The Royal Oak Brewery  is officially smoke-free.  Effective November 27th, patrons who choose to light up will have to do so outside.

Owner Drew Ciora explains this decision:  "We are going non-smoking in response to our patrons requests.  The associated risk of second-hand smoke to our staff and our guests cannot be ignored any longer.  Instead of cigarette and cigar odors in our restaurant, you will notice the wonderful aroma of our freshly prepared food and the brewing of our handcrafted ales.  Our goal is to provide nothing less than the best experience for our guests and be a leader in our restaurant/brewpub industry."

Previously, smoking was allowed in the "bar" area of the facility and on the patio.

Oh, and Kudos to you for once again donning the festive lights - if you don't know what the Brewery looks like during the holidays, it's worth a spin.

You can dance if you want to at Mr. B's

With a newly approved dance permit and dance floor, Mr. B's is the only place you can (legally) dance in Royal Oak without a cover charge.  Various local DJ's will play the hits every Thursday, Friday & Saturday starting at 9:30.  For those of you who opt to be a wallflower, the pool tables, dart boards and other distractions are still available to you.

Bistro liquor license approved at Cafe Muse

Cafe Muse is the first restaurant in Royal Oak to be approved for the Bistro Liquor License.  Pending State approval, the Cafe (best known for their fantastic breakfast menu) will serve liquor and beer, and extend their hours to include dinner.

Royal Oak's Bistro license is available for consideration for facilities with a seating capacity under 75, and they cannot remain open past midnight.

Cafe Muse was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Showin 2008.


  • jeff! 5 years ago

    Well we have enjoyed your company employees and beer over the years now I guess it's time to pass the reins over to the new gen. Good luck and good bye until it is a legal mandate.

  • Jennifer JOY 5 years ago

    I'm going to open a smoking bar in Royal Oak, call it JJ Puffy's, and not allow any drinking. Scratch that, I will serve Red Bull, water, and Diet Coke. People who want alcohol will have to stand outside. I don't want second-hand drunkenness to affect me, and I am taking a stand!!!

  • Caren 5 years ago

    They already have places like that Jen. Their called AA Meetings.

  • Mandy - Detroit Relationship Angst 5 years ago

    I've never gotten drunk off other people drinking, or "second-hand drunkenness." But I have felt sick the next day after breathing in large amounts of smoke. So JJ Puffy's isn't exactly relevant. I think it would be a good balance to have some bars that allow smoking, and some that don't. Make everyone happy? :)