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New changes coming to Road to the Show in 'MLB 14'

Development team member Kirby St. John for MLB The Show has released a video detailing the upcoming changes to the series' game mode 'Road to the Show'. While he admits there are more things to reveal for the mode, the video offers a lot of information in terms of changes. The biggest overhaul that St. John reveals is how your character will start off his career. Players will choose a region (West, Central, East, or International) and compete in a three-game series to help determine your character's worth in the Amateur Draft. This series is known as The Showcase, which will have Major League scouts grading your character's performance during the series.

New changes coming to the popular game mode.

While the Showcase adds a completely new element to RTTS, MLB 14 is improving the Amateur Draft experience. During the round you will be drafted, individual selections will be called out including your own name. This will add to the drama that is normally involved on Draft day. What's that? You don't like where you were picked or where you are going? Tell your team to go elsewhere as players can have their characters return to school for up to four years. This allows the character to re-play the Showcase and re-enter the Draft, however your player will age.

In the past, all characters in RTTS were assumed to be an A-Potential players. This is no longer the case in MLB 14 as each player starts out at middle-of-the-road prospects with many unanswered questions. Over the course of the Showcase, the expectations are revealed based on your character's performance. However, these scouts are not just interested in stats, but more so the approach to each encountered situation. For example, going 3-for-4 with drop singles will not be as meaningful as going 0-for-4 with line drives. After each game, a progress report is given and this will reflect the rise or fall of your character's stock.

Advancement Goals have been removed, as reaching statistical milestones are gone, and the focus is on overall production. Additionally, St. John adds that promotions and demotions can happen at any time. There is also no limit on where your character can get moved. The Potential, Overall, and Adjusted Overall categories are compared to other players at your character's position, and this is what weighs the most in going back and forth. These can be monitored on the new Player Comparison screen. Lastly, playing as a catcher has been overhauled. Players will now be responsible for calling pitches only when runners are in scoring position. More importantly, catchers are now responsible for catching or blocking each pitch, making the game much more intuitive for aspiring players behind the plate.

With a new upgrading system and improved user interface, MLB 14 should offer a much needed change for the RTTS mode. A new approach to grooming characters and a much more intuitive experience, it certainly will be worth a try branching out from the Franchise Mode. Of course, all versions of The Show will see these new modes. Check out the video on this page and stay tuned for more information regarding MLB 14 The Show.

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