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New center promises innovative approach to healthcare

The Center provides holistic wellness treatments alongside traditional care for better outcomes.
The Center provides holistic wellness treatments alongside traditional care for better outcomes.
The Center for Integrative Psychiatry & Wellness

When you stumble on something that works, you keep at it. Better yet, you open up the region’s first center devoted to it. So believe Lynn M. Klimo, MD, and Jodie Skillicorn, DO, both integrative psychiatrists and co-founders of the Center for Integrative Psychiatry & Wellness, a new healthcare facility set to open in the Jefferson Park Office Suites in Fairlawn this June.

While treating patients for various mental health disorders, Dr. Klimo was awestruck at how much more quickly her patients improved when she integrated holistic wellness services into the treatment plan. Patients were able to reduce their medications or go off of them completely. They often told her she had “given them hope.” By adding complementary or alternative medical modalities into her care, Dr. Klimo’s patients made significant progress and became less reliant on her.

“Certain patients would return over and over again, and the medication alone did not seem to help,” Dr. Klimo said. “Once we incorporated the complementary modalities into their treatment, we often got to the real root of the problem. They could then work through it and improved dramatically. I am still amazed at the difference it makes. It’s the fundamental reason for founding this Center.”

Integrative psychiatry is the practice of combining conventional mental health care with wellness services that enhance the healing process. For example, in addition to, or instead of medication, a patient may be prescribed acupuncture, advised to take a meditation class or see a nutrition specialist. They may be checked for hormone imbalances. They may undergo polarity, reiki, reflexology, EFT or other forms of energy medicine for healing. There is a vast array of holistic wellness practices from which to draw. Dr. Klimo and Dr. Skillicorn utilize a variety of practices and tailor treatment plans depending on what works for the individual patient.

A focus on the individual
While traditional western medicine focuses on treating symptoms and managing disease, the focus of integrative medicine and psychiatry is prevention and wellness. The practice facilitates growth and healing by concentrating on the unique biological, emotional, environmental and spiritual needs of the individual. The intent is to shift away from just managing a disease and reducing symptoms to a state of wellness and wholeness.

“We help patients to make lifestyle adjustments and to not just change behaviors, but also the thoughts, feelings and limiting beliefs behind the behavior,” Dr. Skillicorn said. “Health is more than the absence of disease. With mind-body medicine, we recognize the deep inter-connectedness of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of health. By valuing the role that mental health plays in your physical state, you find wellness.”

All in one place

After several years of practicing within Summa Health System, Dr. Klimo and Dr. Skillicorn decided to open a private practice that would also house the wellness services their patients depended on.

“Now under one roof, I will be able to oversee my patient’s care as they receive treatments from practitioners who I know and trust,” said Dr. Klimo. “One of my main objectives in creating this center was to create an environment in which practitioners can collaborate to determine the best care for patients. Rather than having a patient go for visits in four different places where care providers are unable to talk with each other, we have created a place where providers can share findings and resources to create the best possible treatment plan for that individual patient.”

The Center for Integrative Psychiatry & Wellness will offer conventional adult psychotherapy, couples and family counseling, EMDR and an addiction outpatient program. Complementary modalities at The Center include: acupuncture, bio-identical hormone balancing, cranial-sacral therapy, EFT and energy medicine, functional medicine, iridology, massage and body work, meditation, non-opiate treatment of chronic pain, nutritional coaching, polarity, psychodrama, reflexology, reiki and yoga.

While construction continues on the wellness center, Dr. Klimo and her team of practitioners are currently seeing patients in temporary suites within the Jefferson Park Office Suites. The permanent space address will be within the same office complex at 3610 W. Market Street, Fairlawn, Ohio 44333. Construction is expected to be completed by end of June.

About The Center for Integrative Psychiatry & Wellness

The Center for Integrative Psychiatry & Wellness is a community-focused health care provider located in Fairlawn, Ohio, north of Akron. The Center provides a full spectrum of mental health and wellness services designed to serve the needs of the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Clients receive care that is a combination of conventional mental health services along with holistic wellness services that enhance the healing process. The Center provides care from licensed and board certified psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, psychotherapists, nutrition coaches and massage therapists along with practitioners highly trained and certified in a wide variety of holistic modalities such as reiki, polarity, meditation, energy medicine, reflexology, yoga and Tai Chi.

Founded by Lynn Klimo, MD and Jodie Skillicorn, DO, the Center for Integrative Psychiatry & Wellness is the first facility of its kind in Ohio. For more information, go to or call 330.441.4569.


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