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New ceasefire: Israel and Hamas

A new ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is welcomed news, yet one must always hold their breath in this situation. The question is, to where are Gaza people headed with Hamas in the lead? The purpose of the ceasefire is to permit humanitarian aid and construction materials to enter the territory. That doesn’t mean materials used for rebuilding tunnels. Israel must remain vigilant.

'EPA Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas (L) may oversee a rebuilding of Gaza but indirect talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu'
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Oddly, Egypt remains an active leader in negotiations. That is unusual because Egypt is still struggling to get its own government act together that last time we checked.

Israel wants Hamas to disarm. In exchange, Israel will end its blockade of Gaza. That seems like a fair and equitable exchange.

To celebrate, Hamas fighters fired mortars into Israel and killed at least one soldier. Is that how to initiate a ceasefire? Is that an example of good faith?

This analyst has no faith that Hamas can become effective leaders in guiding the territory to a peaceful outcome. Only when they are completely disarmed can there be peace. That has yet to be accomplished and remains the primary topic for negotiations.

Israel began to target Middle Class neighborhoods, the report says. That is because Israel wants professional people to pressure Hamas to knock it off. More well to do neighborhoods have been spared to date.

Israel is leveling buildings where Hamas has set up shop. That is an additional message to Gaza people to not cooperate with Hamas leaders or else face the prospect of being homeless or being killed.

100,000 homeless should be a sufficient source of pressure to convince Hamas to negotiate, don’t you think?

Is Secretary of State John Kerry on vacation, or is he participating in these negotiations? There is no word in this story about him.

“Israel, Hamas officials say extended cease-fire reached
Published August 26, 2014

Israeli and Hamas officials say an extended cease-fire has been reached between the sides, halting the seven-week Gaza war which has killed more than 2,000 people.

An Israeli official confirmed the cease-fire to Fox News. A Hamas spokesman also confirmed the deal to Fox News and an Israeli official told The Associated Press that Israel "responded positively" to Egypt's call for an open-ended cease-fire.

Egyptian state media announced that the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas is taking effect Tuesday at 7 p.m. local time, without elaborating.

An Israeli official told The Associated Press that Israel would ease its blockade of Gaza to allow humanitarian and construction materials to enter the war-battered territory.

The official said indirect talks on more substantial issues would begin in Cairo within a month. Issues are expected to include Hamas' demand for an end to the blockade and Israel's calls for Hamas to disarm.

Hamas sent text messages to its supporters, urging them to take to the streets in celebration.

Israel and Egypt imposed the blockade in 2007, after Hamas seized Gaza by force in 2007. Under the restrictions, virtually all of Gaza's 1.8 million people cannot trade or travel. Only a few thousand are able to leave the coastal territory every month.”

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