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New cat bowl promises to help keep your cat cool in hot weather

This is one way cats cool themselves off. Exposing their bellies helps to release heat, and lets cool air wash over them.
This is one way cats cool themselves off. Exposing their bellies helps to release heat, and lets cool air wash over them.
Eve-Angeline Mitchell

For people living without air conditioning in their homes or apartments, keeping your pets cool can be a challenge. Now, a Japanese inventor has created a kitty bowl that helps to cool your cat. According to CNet, it's called "Hie Hie Arumi Nyanko Nabe," which author Rusty Blazenhoff says loosely translates to "Cooling Aluminum Kitty Cat Pot."

Blazenhoff says it's unclear exactly how this bowl, or pot, works, but has noted that it's selling like hot cakes over on Amazon Japan. Japan is suffering through an unusual heat wave, with some areas breaking records that have stood for decades. More than nine thousand people have been taken to hospitals for heat-related problems, and when people suffer from the heat, so do pets.

Given that heat wave, it's no wonder that this bowl is selling so quickly. However, does it really work? There's not much information on that. The original piece, posted on Rocketnews 24, has a considerable number of pictures of the bowl, but not much info on how the bowl actually keeps cats, with their permanent fur coats, cool. Cats have to curl up in bowls, and they often try to cool themselves by stretching out and airing out their bellies.

The author of the Rocketnews 24 article, Oona McGee, says that this is one of a number of hinyari products (translation: cooling products) that hit the shelves during Japan's hot summers. According to McGee, hinyari products are usually meant to help people to cope with the heat, but this one is specific to cats.

Here in the U.S., watching out for our pets in the heat is a little easier, with air conditioning getting ever-more prevalent, even in our cooler climates. Other ways we can help keep our cats from getting heatstroke are to avoid leaving them in a hot car (never leave your pet in the car alone, ever), letting her choose her cool spots in your house, making sure they always have water available, and keeping her brushed to keep her coat a little thinner.

If she's an indoor-outdoor cat, make sure she can easily get indoors when she needs to escape the heat. Also, make sure she has shady spots outside that she can rest in, too, along with plenty of water.

It would appear that this bowl would trap a cat's body heat and make them even hotter, but perhaps it actually dissipates the heat somehow. There's no way to know how it works without ordering one and testing it; they retail for roughly $52.63 on Amazon Japan.

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