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New 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' trailer questions real life responsibilities

A new trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC has hit outlying some of the new materials including 4 new multiplayer maps, a new weapon and a new Extinction mode map denoted as Nightfall: Episode 1. All of these updates will hit Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Jan. 28th. Other platforms will have to wait, what usually is about a month, to get their hands on the new goodies for the game.

CODnapped questions real life responsibilities

The four maps included in the update are Fog, Bayview, Containment and Ignition. Fog will be almost like a jungle or forest map with dense shrubbery and, well, fog that will limit visibility and is bound to be a close ranged map. Bayview, looks like a lighthouse town with a military ship just outside ready to fire. Containment seems like a pretty box standard Call of Duty map that takes place in a war torn town. Finally, Ignition will be a map surrounding a rocket silo that looks very similar to some maps in the past.

Content aside, some people may find the new trailer a little, different from the past. Call of Duty games are always known for their outlandish trailers and this new trailer could be controversial for some people watching. The trailer, titled "CODnapped", is mostly about taking men away from their jobs, families, girlfriends and other responsibilities to play Call of Duty. For a game that earlier this year has seen a lot of press just because of the addition of female player characters in the game, this trailer seems to be missing something significant, female gamers. More importantly, it also assumes that girlfriends, families, jobs and other responsibilities of heterosexual men just get in the way of the real activities that they want to do.

For some people watching the trailer, these topics may be a little insulting and almost childish. For others, they could see this as a playful joke on the struggles that many people have weighing leisure time and work. Either way, there is a new Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC coming out and will be available on Jan. 28th on Xbox Live with other platforms right behind it.

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