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New buzz on the Amazon smartphone

The Washington Post is running an article on June 18, 2014 regarding the latest features surrounding the rumored Amazon smartphone to be released any minute. As with the release of any new technology by a major manufacturer, the specific details will remain rather unclear until the actual unveiling, but here are some of the anticipated features.

The Amazon smartphone is expected to have multiple camera options. Industry insiders anticipate as many as six different cameras, including a 3-D option complete with tilt controls. Users will not need to wear eyeglasses of any kind either. This new technology was an Amazon modification of an existing face sensing system designed by the Japanese company of Omron Okao Vision.

Highly advanced face recognition software is likely to draw a great deal of immediate interest among consumers. Rumors are that the software is so advanced that the gadgetry will be able to estimate a person’s age, ethnicity, and gender by simply taking a picture with the new device. USA today is also reporting on June 18, 2014 that the Amazon phone will probably incorporate 3-D Interface technology which will support the Amazon Music and Instant Video apps among many other software programs and digital apps.

AT&T will benefit from the first release, beating out T-Mobile and others. On Tuesday, June 17, 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported that the new Amazon smartphone will likely be offered exclusively to only AT&T customers in the initial launching. This is really no big surprise, as Amazon already partners with AT&T for the popular Kindle program.

“Prime Data” may be the next big app. Amazon loves to take care of its Amazon Prime Members, and this new smartphone is going to offer substantial upgrades to Prime customers, including something called “Prime Data”. According to the Washington Post article,

“It doesn't seem too crazy to imagine that Amazon would seek to tie the benefits of Prime and AT&T's sponsored data to its entry into the smartphone market. If "Prime Data" is a deal with AT&T to exclude Amazon content from mobile data caps, that might be a powerful incentive to get users interested in the hardware -- and interested in buying Amazon content. Plus, it might explain why Amazon would agree to limit its device's potential audience to one carrier at launch.”

The release of the Amazon smartphone could be a potential game changer in the world of digital technology. But nothing is certain. Remember the Facebook phone?

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