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New Butcher at the Source: Western Daughters

Starting on June 1st, Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe will start a take over of the meat/butcher counter at the Source. The artisan food market opened last September with Meat Head as its butcher; the shop recently closed when owner Kevin Klinger decided to move to sunnier lands, the island of St. Thomas.

Western Daughters, a whole animal butchery operation run by Kate Kavanaugh and her fiance, Josh Curtiss, got its start late last year with a location in LoHi. The duo, inspired by a love for the craft of butchery and armed with a one-year apprenticeship at Fleisher’s in upstate New York, opened a 750 square foot store focused on High Plains cuts of pork, beef, lamb and other seasonal meats. Meats are antibiotic- and hormone-free, sourced from less than 250 miles from Denver, pasture-raised, and can be custom cut to order.

At the Source, Western Daughters will bring its whole animal butchery philosophy and more. Kate and Josh will move the animal break down operations into the showcase cooler. Butchery demonstrations and lessons will be part of the schedule and offerings. A sizable selection of raw meats will be available six days a week, alongside sandwiches made with house-cured products. House made sausages, stocks, and more will also be offered.

“Kate and Josh share the philosophy of the food artisans that are part of the Source,” says Kyle Zeppelin, developer of the food market. “They are committed to their craft and they make the experience fun. It is the formula that works throughout The Source- providing a great underlying product surrounded with an inviting culture. We look forward to having the butcher glass case function to its full potential- allowing transparency of the butchery process and sharing that with customers,” he added.

“The transparency that the Source offers those who come through its doors is incredible,” Kate Kavanaugh says. “We can’t wait to bring you a window into where your food comes from; from the butchery aspect to the lives of the animals and ranchers we work so closely with. We feel this is the perfect venue to introduce people to a nose-to-tail philosophy and for customers to get a chance to truly meet their meat,” she says.

Until June 1, the shop will conduct occasional weekend and weekday pop-ups to satisfy everyone’s meat tooth. After that, the store will be open six days a week, closing for Meatless Mondays. For the time being, the takeover is slated through the end of August.

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