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Want to convert your iPad into an idea pad?

business apps

There's a free app called Paper by FiftyThree that will turn your creative sketches into a 15-page, custom-printed book (retail price for the book process is $40).

A pencil stylus, for use with the Paper app, retails for $59.95.

For more info, go to

The Cobra Jum Pack portable charger can jump-start tablets and phones (and a car battery). And it's just the size of a checkbook!

Retail price is $129.95; for more info, visit offers corner-to-corner rubberbands with an "X" design that'll keep papers, bags and business forms together. The bands have a super stretchy, super secure fit.

It's $1.83 for a basic three-pack.

Duo Lingo is a free, new language app that offers easy, bite-size lessons (baby steps!).

Have a computer cord where the rubber has worn off? has self-setting silicone putty that comes in a small packet and hand-forms to anything; it sticks to most stuff and dries firmly.

It's $18 for 8 packets.

Ringya allows you to take a picture of a paper phone list (of business contacts, for example) and creates a contact on your phone.

This app is free; log in at

Snapguide is a portable library of how-to features on a wide range of topics. You can create a guide from your phone.

"Snapguide is the easiest way to upload and share DIY projects from your phone. The interface is extremely user-friendly."-Brit Morin, designer

The Samsung Galaxy Note II offers the features of a smartphone (but bigger) and a tablet (but smaller). It's checkbook-sized and has features like sketching.

Retail price is $299.99.

Log in at for more details.

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