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New business idea has hardcore sports fans playing NFL players online

Today, uncovered that hardcore sports fans have a way to play some online games with well-known athletes. And a health and wellness business idea shows wearable technology is bringing smart devices even closer to home.

Hardcore sports fans may share the lows and highs of their favorite teams on a weekly basis simply by watching the games, but nothing beats getting the chance to personally connect with the athletes themselves. While Egraphs — the service that gets sports stars to record unique personal messages for fans — has gone some way to achieve that connection, gaming platform OverDog is offering fans perhaps the ultimate dream — giving them the opportunity to beat pro athletes at their own game.

While it may never happen in the real world, taking down an NFL player like Ray Rice or dribbling past New Orleans Pelicans’ Al-Farouq Aminu to score a slamdunk is entirely possible in the virtual world of gaming. Fans downloading the OverDog app first select their favorite sports and teams. The company currently has a roster of more than 350 pro athletes who regularly log on to challenge fans. If a star from a chosen team sends a challenge, users have 3 minutes to enter themselves into the draw. The winner is then sent the details they need to get into the game through their Xbox or PlayStation. According to the company, many sports stars are also gaming addicts and users can end up playing titles ranging from sports games such as Madden, FIFA and NBA2K to shooters like Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield. The athletes aren’t typically paid for playing against fans, instead receiving early access to games and free merchandise, which keeps the network free for users. While they’re holding out for Adrian Peterson to set up a one-on-one challenge however, users can also throw down the gauntlet with other fans. The video included offers an example of the OverDog experience:

From new business ideas in health and well-being, wearable technology is bringing smart devices even closer to home. An emerging field is the development of electronics that actually sit inside our bodies. We recently reported on TruTag — ingestible nanoscale electronic tags that could help tackle pharma fraud — and now researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created edible batteries, that could be used to power biodegradable devices located inside the body.
Developed by professors Christopher Bettinger and Jay Whitacre, from the materials science and engineering and biomedical engineering department at the institution, the idea stems from the need for a power source for biodegradable electronic materials that could have a number of medical benefits — timed drug delivery or health tracking, for example.

The result is a non-toxic sodium ion battery that uses melanin derived from an organic material — cuttlefish ink. Since the ink is fairly commonly available, the cost of the edible batteries is low. The team says that the devices could be ingested in much the same way as a pill, without the need for prior sterilization, and any casing is biodegradable and deteriorates in the body. Combined with other technology, the batteries could have wide-ranging use — both medical and otherwise.

In the near future, Bettinger imagines that humans could be taking his battery pills once a day in order to keep internal devices running. What possible inventions could be brought about thanks to this development?

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