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New Brunswick SPCA fit to be tied over unlimited tethering

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Although current regulations permit animals to be left outside 24 hours a day, as long as they have access to food, water and shelter, The SPCA in New Brunswick, Canada is seeking to establish stricter laws for dog owners who tether their animals and leave them outside indefinitely after a dog was left tethered to a doghouse during a snowstorm in Kent County last week. According to witnesses, the animal became trapped by windblown snow and had to be “dug out.”

"We believe there should be limits on the tethering and we have a document before government recommending the changes that we believe are necessary," stated executive director of the New Brunswick SPCA executive director Hilary Howes. “This includes forbidding people to tied animals up outside all night.”
The move is being seconded by Rita Bihr of People for Stronger Animal Protection, who is also urging lawmakers to make it illegal to leave dogs outside during freezing and inclement weather.

Unfortunately, the way the current law reads, an animal must unfortunately be already hurt or under distress before it can be protected or even seized for its own good,” she remarked.

Note: While the move to change local animal laws was inspired by the danger of keeping pets tuned up outside during severe winter weather, hot conditions and storms during summer can prove just as harmful to the animals.