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New British Airways Strikes Coming Up

Another round of crew strikes on BA flights has been announced for the next 30 days by Unite, trade union for BA cabin crew.

While nothing is yet confirmed, the following dates are supposed to be affected by the strikes:

•18 to 22 May
•24 to 28 May
•30 May to 3 June
•5 to 9 June

At the moment all of BA flights are continuing to operate as normal.

Flight schedules for the strike period are being defined, and seat sales on all flights to and from London Heathrow between 18 May and 9 June have temporarily been stopped.

If the strike does get confirmed, not all BA flights will be cancelled. All flights to and from Gatwick will continue to operate as normal. Flights at London City will also be unaffected.

At Heathrow BA plans to operate a substantial part of their longhaul schedule and there will be a number of daily flights to every destination across their shorthaul network.

For more information, please visit or call your travel agent.


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