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New 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' photos of Edward, Bella and Jacob revealed

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A couple of new photos from "Breaking Dawn Part 2" featuring Bella, Edward and Jacob have been revealed.

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The first photo is a close up of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson), both as vampires, while they look at something in the distance with a worried look. They appear to be somewhere in a wooded area, given the blurry greenery int the background.

New sneak peek 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' teaser: Bella's first vampire moments

Bella has the distinctive look of a new vamp, sporting bright red eyes and a head full of coiffed, volume-worthy hair. He skin is flawless and looks even paler than before, if that's possible.

Edward looks as handsome and perfect as ever. His copper colored hair looks awesome and his eyes are the lovely shade of "having-just-eaten-five-deer" gold.

As for Jacob's (Taylor Lautner) photo, he's also somewhere outside, as per the blurry greenish background, and is looking sideways with an angry stare. We thought he'd be looking happier now that he's imprinted with Bella and Edward's baby girl...

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But, the teen werewolf still looks good, with his short messy hair and piercing glare.

Check out the slideshow to the left to see the full sized "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2" images.

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