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New box set celebrates Michael Bloomfield's blues legacy

Michael Bloomfield

No American guitarist did more in the 1960s to bring the blues back home to the mainstream white audience than Michael Bloomfield.
The Chicago-raised, Bay Area-based Bloomfield created an indelible sound and an enduring legacy through his work with Bob Dylan, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Electric Flag and Al Kooper. He spent the decade before his death in Mill Valley in 1981 regularly bringing the blues to Bay Area clubs.
Sony Records’ Columbia Legacy imprint on February 4 will release “From His Head to His Heart,” the most comprehensive Bloomfield retrospective to date. In addition to three discs of music – much of it previously unreleased – the package includes Bob Sarles’ documentary “Sweet Blues: A Film About Michael Bloomfield.”
Here’s the lowdown on this celebration of one of blues’ seminal guitarists.

“From His Head to His Heart” chronicles Bloomfield’s career via 46 songs on 3 CDs, from his first demos for John Hammond Sr. to his final public performance. It’s arranged thematically, with discs dedicated to Roots, Jams, and Last Licks. Twelve previously unreleased tracks illuminate his art, including “The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar” from his 1980 “reunion” concert with Bob Dylan in San Francisco and the band performance of “Like a Rolling Stone” from the “Highway 61” sessions. The anthology blends solo tracks with material from bands (Paul Butterfield Blues Band and the Electric Flag) and solo artists (Muddy Waters and Janis Joplin) and more. The fourth disc is a DVD premiering director Bob Sarles’ documentary. It features vintage audio interviews and live performance footage of Bloomfield with newly-shot reminiscences about the artist from friends and fellow musicians. The box set features new remastering from Vic Anesini and also includes a 40-page booklet featuring a photo gallery as well as extensive liner notes from musician and music journalist Michael Simmons.

1. I’m a Country Boy 2:45*
2. Judge, Judge 2:03*
3. Hammond’s Rag 2:09*
4. I’ve Got You in the Palm of My Hand 2:26
5. I’ve Got My Mojo Workin’ 2:36
6. Like a Rolling Stone (Instrumental) 6:35* – performed by Bob Dylan
7. Tombstone Blues (Alternate Chambers Brothers Version) 5:58* – performed by Bob Dylan
8. Michael Speaks About Paul Butterfield 0:39
9. Born in Chicago 3:05 – performed by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
10. Blues with a Feeling 4:23 – performed by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
11. East-West 13:12 – performed by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
12. Killing Floor 3:51 – performed by The Electric Flag
13. Texas 4:47 – performed by The Electric Flag
14. Susie’s Shuffle (Live Jam) 3:42* – performed by The Electric Flag
15. Just a Little Something (Live) 3:22* – performed by The Electric Flag
16. Easy Rider 0:47 – performed by The Electric Flag

1. Albert’s Shuffle 6:55
2. Stop 4:17
3. His Holy Modal Majesty 7:17
4. Opening Speech (Live) 1:23
5. 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy) (Live) Hybrid Edit 5:39*
6. Don’t Throw Your Love on Me So Strong (Live) 7:49
7. Santana Clause (Live) 4:41*
8. The Weight (Live) 4:08
9. Opening Speech (Live) 1:27
10. One Way Out (Live) 4:17
11. Her Holy Modal Highness (Live) 6:09
12. Fat Grey Cloud (Live) 4:30
13. Mary Ann (Live) 5:19
14. That’s All Right (Live) 3:42

1. I’m Glad I’m Jewish (Live) 3:15
2. Men’s Room – Spoken Word Segment from McCabe’s (Live) 0:51
3. Don’t You Lie to Me (Live) 3:09
4. Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had (Live) 3:04 – performed by Muddy Waters
5. Gypsy Good Time (Live) 4:29
6. One Good Man 4:02 – performed by Janis Joplin
7. It’s About Time (Live) 5:15
8. Carmelita Skiffle (Live) 2:53
9. Darktown Strutters Ball (Live) 3:56
10. Don’t Think About It Baby 3:31
11. Jockey Blues/Old Folks Boogie (Live) 3:15
12. A-Flat Boogaloo (Live) 3:55
13. Glamour Girl (Live) 8:02*
14. Spoken Intro – Bob Dylan (Live) 2:02*
15. The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar (Live) 5:50* – performed by Bob Dylan
16. Hymn Time (Live Excerpt) 1:53
(*) denotes previously unreleased track

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