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New boutique 'august' to open in Westwood


Christel Highland is opening august on March 12th from 5-7; a hot new store at 4759 Rainbow in Westwood starring Pistol Threads.“It’ll be next door to Blu Jeanius- a designer denim boutique for women owned by my friend Nikki Lewis,” Highland beams, “and Don Nite, a custom men’s shop.”

Her idea for a shop is to include all of her favorite artists in one building, KC’s most talented artists, musicians, and photographers.  Her two lines Pistol Threads and KC Denim will be featured, the latter of which she runs with Kristopher Clark. “This is a true collaboration,” Highland says, “We recycle denim- I modernize the fit, dye, bleach, or shred it, then he paints it.”

Among the artists featured will be several jewelers.  “Chrystal Wentling creates beautiful and creative jewelry at a fantastically attainable price point,” Highland describes.  “Her stuff makes a perfect gift for a younger gal.” 

Rebecca Jackson features steampunk jewelry and robots.  Also, Plume by Joni by Joni Harbeck with a line of feathery jewelry.  “It’s all nature-inspired, and you will obsess over it until you have a piece.” Harbeck is a former model.

For flasks, Highland is featuring Kristina Briseno with Life Imagined.  “They are the most darling, timely treasure,” Highland says.  They can be custom made as well.

Laura Brody has a line, Dreams by Machine, from Los Angeles whom Highland has represented for a year.  “I’m crazy for her steampunk leather work in the form of cuffs, chokers, bras (seriously), and masks,” Highland says.  She just made a jacket for Will.I.Am of the Black-eyed Peas.

Reilly Hoffman has jewelry, and other practical applications of his sculpture.  “In my opinion, he’s one of the best artists in KC right now,” Highland says.

Kristopher Clark, her partner at KC Denim’s textural paintings, Rick Wright’s figure painters on metal, and Todd Zimmer’s photographs will be on the walls.  Zimmer is a rock n’ roll photographer.  “I became a fan after seeing one of his shots of Alicia Solombrino in an outfit I made for her when she opened for NIN at the VIP stage at Starlight,” Highland says.

Monkey Wrench clothing is also appearing, by Lea Collins.  “This super fun slightly eighties aesthetic is amazingly well-constructed,” Highland says.  “I recommend one of their gorgeous under-bust corsets over a white shirt for any woman on a Saturday night.”

Christian Micheal’s ties and jackets will be sold too.  “That would look hot with one of our pair of KC Denim and a tee for a night out (hint, hint),” Highland says.


  • Patrick Lamb 5 years ago

    Great article Caroline, and Christel, what a wonderful collection of artists and goods together in one cool space. Good luck to both of you.

  • caroline 5 years ago

    Thanks Patrick!!!

  • Robin 5 years ago

    I am so excited for this! I have personally worn clothing by Monkey Wrench countless times and it rocks!!! Lea's corsets are amazing and oh so flattering. This is very exciting for all designers!

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