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New book uncovers Mary's emotion as the mother of Jesus

Any mother can certainly understand the amount of pain that Mary may have felt as the mother Jesus. A new book "The Gospel According to Mary, Mother of Jesus" by Donald W. Bartow, humanizes Mary and shares a part of her emotions with the reader.

The Gospel According to Mary, Mother of Jesus
The Gospel According to Mary, Mother of Jesus

The new book arrives just in time for the Easter Celebration. This book takes you on a range of emotion and is suitable for most any age.

A review from the Library Journal says "Bartow...does an excellent job of humanizing Mary and making her story resonate with any woman who has had to stand strong in faith for the sake of her children. Verdict: An interesting perspective on the Jesus story that is perfect for a Christian book group discussion."

Watch Video above The Story of Mary the Mother of Jesus

Bartow has authored twenty-six books covering a wide array of topics on basic biblical principles and practical truths.

"This scripturally sound, culturally sensitive, and compellingly practical book brings religion to the forefront for many who would never read the Bible," Bartow says. "Written in ordinary language, adults will find it refreshingly different and youth will find it inspirational and entertaining. It is indeed a timeless story with a timely message of powerful biblical teachings."

Donald Bartow is Pastor Emeritus of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Canton, Ohio.

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