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New book teaches leaders how to identify and overcome blindspots

Robert Bruce Shaw is the author of Leadership Blindspots, available starting April 21.
Robert Bruce Shaw is the author of Leadership Blindspots, available starting April 21.
Robert Bruce Shaw

On April 21, publisher Jossey-Bass (A Wiley Brand) will release Robert Bruce Shaw's new book, Leadership Blindspots: How Successful Leaders Identify and Overcome the Weaknesses That Matter. The book is a comprehensive guide to recognizing and acting on the weak points that can impair effectiveness, diminish results, and harm a career.

The book contains examples, worksheets, and surveys that illustrate the practical application of the advice presented.

  • The blindspot risk is that leaders fail to respond to weaknesses or threats due to a variety of factors including the complexity of their organizations, over-confidence in their own capabilities, and from being surrounded by deferential subordinates.

Leadership Blindspots provides a useful model for understanding how blindspots operate and why they persist, but at the same time suggests real, actionable steps to improvement.

The book details a range of techniques that make blindspots stand out in sharp relief, so action can be taken before severe damage occurs -- to a leader or his or her company.

Topics include:

  • A framework to understand the threats posed by blindspots
  • The four most important types of blindspots -- self, team, company and markets
  • Detailed case studies of blindspots in leaders across a variety of industries
  • A summary of the most common leadership blindspots
  • Corrective practices that help mitigate the risks that blindspots pose

"The one characteristic great leaders share is the constant desire for self-improvement. Good can always be better. These weaknesses and threats are called blindspots because they are invisible to the individual but have the potential to wreak havoc on one's reputation and long-term success," explains Shaw.

"Identifying and fixing crucial problems is the leader's job, and sometimes the most debilitating problems are with the leaders themselves," adds Shaw.

Click here to take an online leadership blindspots survey self-assessment, provided by the book's author. This online questionnaire helps you discover your own leadership vulnerabilities, and the book provides a road map for creating a targeted plan to increase awareness in the areas that will impact you success.

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