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New book series begins tour in Alexandria, VA (Photos)

On August 18, 2014, discovered an author and her manager on a book tour launching a new book and announcing the new series called "Allie's Adventures." The two have been experiencing their first tour with the new book in Alexandria, VA. The tour runs from August 11-22, 2014.

Alexandria, VA
Alexandria, VA
Old Town, Wiki
"Allie's Adventures"
Allie by Illustrator: Susi Galloway Newell

The author's manager, C. Baldwin, stated what the book tour and launch is all about.

"Yes, it's great how this current tour and launch is going. We have met many who seem excited to carry 'Allie's Adventures.' Back in the 80s, when my client first began writing, such book promotions were more difficult. Now authors can also promote themselves online, although there is more competition online as well.

My client, from SW Florida, and I, are in Alexandria for two reasons. We are here to represent her new book series meeting up with retailers, schools, libraries, etc., and we're also enjoying being tourists in Alexandria!

So your client has a book series, and she has more than one book published?

"That's correct. My client's first award-winning book was published in 2009, and that book is geared for the very young and the non-readers. Her second book is for ages 9-12, and it's the second book of the brand new book series."

Will there be more book launches with this new series' second book?

"Right now we are promoting the new book and accepting pre-sales. When the physical book is released, ETA Aug. 18, we intend to be very busy with further launches all over the country. There will be as many launches as possible. It all depends on where we are 'invited' and scheduled to speak, including book signings."

What theme are these books about, who is the illustrator, and will there be more books in the series?

"The main character in the series, Allie, shares about her travels around the world. So far she shares about farm life and people she meets in Kenya and Florida. Allie meets friends on her travels - some human, some not.

The illustrator is Susi Galloway Newell. A third book is in pre-production, and it's all about Allie's take on the entertainment industry as seen through the eyes of a child. All of this is still in the works, including two films, a CD and digital formats that the books are part of. I can't divulge anymore at this time, but thanks for your interest."

Thank you and best of luck Ms Baldwin to you and your client. We understand the secrecy right now and look forward to the new book release, titles, further tours, launches and future books all related to "Allie's Adventures." Readers can enjoy some of the books' illustrations in slideshow, including photos of Alexandria.

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