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New book releases featuring Amish characters perfect for summertime reading

Inspirational novels featuring the simple lives of Amish characters have become a genre all their own. And although readers love getting lost in a story about the plain lifestyle those of the Amish faith, one only needs to read a few pages to discover that some situations and circumstances are the same whether one is Amish or "Englisch." Each of the following titles set in Amish communities and featuring Amish characters is one that should be on the summer reading list of any fan of inspirational Amish fiction.

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"Forever Amish" by Kate Lloyd, published by David C. Cook (June 1, 2014): This is the third title in the Legacy of Lancaster County trilogy. A stay at a bed and breakfast in Lancaster County is just what Sally Bingham needs before committing to being married. Once arriving in Amish country, however, she nearly collides with a buggy and ends up staying in the home of a enigmatic Lizzie. Sally soon gains a new perspective on life and her future becomes even more unsure than it was before her arrival.

"The Midwife" by Jolina Petersheim, published by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (May 16, 2014): Becoming the head midwife at Hopen Haus, an Old Order Mennonite home for unwed mothers, was just what Rhoda Mummau needed to escape her past. Unfortunately, when Beth Winslow, a woman carrying a baby for a couple who has decided to terminate the pregnancy arrives at Hopen Haus, both Beth and Rhoda will discover you can't hide from your past forever.

"Child of Mine" by Beverly Lewis and David Lewis, published by Bethany House Publishers (June 3, 2014): Kelly Maines' baby girl was kidnapped eight years ago and there hasn't been one day that Kelly hasn't devoted to finding her baby and bringing her home. Now it seems a girl matching her child's description is living near by and Kelly is determined to discover once and for all if it's her little girl. Amish nanny Laura Mast and her employer, flight instructor Jack Livingstone have tried to provide a loving and secure home for Jack's adopted niece since her parents were killed in an accident. Is eight-year-old Natalie's life about to be torn apart again?

"Seeing Your Face Again" by Jerry S. Eicher, published by Harvest House Publishers (June 1, 2014): In Book 2 of the Beiler Sisters series, Debbie Watson is a new convert to the Amish faith and way of life. She already has two men interested in making her his wife and she knows which one she prefers. But when her choice, Alvin leaves the Amish community to experience the Englisch way of life, Debbie begins to reconsider Paul. Even though Paul reminds her of the boyfriend she left behind, she believes she could learn to love him. Should she wait for Alvin or just marry Paul and get on with her life?

"A Season of Change" by Lynette Sowell, published by Abingdon Press (May 20, 2014): When circumstances throw Amish widower Jacob Miller and former aerial silk artist Natalie Bennett together, neither one can anticipate how much their lives will change. Jacob is uncomfortable at the hospital bedside of his sick daughter and wonders why Natalie is so interested in his way of life. Natalie has only recently learned that her mother was once Amish and is curious to learn all she can. She wonders if she still has family who practice the Amish faith and what they would think if she showed up on their doorstep. Each one may have some answers for the difficlut problems the other is facing.

Each of these books is available from the publisher or from independent book stores.

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