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Cassandra W Badr

“Rawvolution|Gourmet Living Cuisine” by Matt Amsden, my new RAW book arrived today…so excited to open it up and see all the wonderful and mouth watering dishes I will create :-)

I came upon Rawvolution via Euphoria Loves Rawvolution website, which I had the opportunity to receive “The Box“ a box of prepared raw delights from weekly selected menus of organic, low-calorie raw foods which includes savory soups, gourmet entrées, side dishes and divine delicious desserts.

Every week each box contained nirvana for my taste-buds, I could not every imagine that raw food could be so delicious.

Now I can make all my favorite Rawvolution dishes and more at home, just looking at the book cover is making my mouth water lol lol.

Stay tuned more RAW creations on coming….