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New book gives advice about how to achieve work-life fit

Cali Williams Yost pens new book, TWEAK IT

Work+Life Fit expert gives readers the necessary tools to TWEAK their lives

November, 2012- NEW YORK- Called “one of the smartest, sophisticated thinkers” by the New York Times and one of Mashable’s Top 14 Career Experts on Twitter, Cali Williams Yost has been a pioneering expert on managing work and life in the new economy for nearly two decades. As an in-demand consultant, speaker and CEO of the Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit, Inc.,Cali has shown hundreds of organizations like BDO USA, Novo Nordisk and theUnited Nations, and tens of thousands of individuals how to partner for award-winning flexible work success.

In her upcoming book, TWEAK IT: MAKE WHAT MATTERS TO YOU HAPPEN EVERY DAY, (January 8, 2012/Center Street/Hachette), Cali reveals the secrets of the work+life fit “naturals.” These are the people who seemingly fit all of the pieces of their personal and professional lives together with ease. She discovered that the naturals regularly follow four simple, practical steps when managing their actions and priorities on and off the job; however, after surveying more than 200 workers across six industries, Cali confirmed most of the rest of us don’t.

TWEAK IT translates the secrets of the work+life fit naturals into a doable, commonsense weekly practice that is accessible to everyone. Whether you are a man, woman, mother, father, entrepreneur, millennial, caregiver or pre-retiree, in TWEAK IT, Cali outlines a weekly routine of small changes, or “tweaks,” that build the foundation of contentment and order that we all crave – one step at a time. As Cali explains to readers “You won’t achieve work/life balance, or that mythical 50/50 split between work and life, but you can find your everyday work+life fit!”

The TWEAK IT practice shows readers how to:

· Create a “Tweak It snapshot” that brings all of their work and personal realities together in one complete picture.

· Use their current calendar & priority list to successfully manage this “snapshot” on a regular basis.

· Choose the standard tweaks they would like to see happen consistently every week (going to the gym every morning, or making sure to sit down with the entire family for dinner four nights out of the week).

· Pick their unique Tweaks of the Week – the new, periodic small actions and priorities they would like to add to their routine over the next seven days (reviewing household finances, setting up a LinkedIn profile or trying out a new sporting activity during the week).

· Partner with bosses, coworkers and family members to make these tweaks a reality.

· Review and revise their weekly Tweak It practice to keep it fresh and relevant.

To support your TWEAK IT success, Cali will launch a Tweak It mobile app and community site where readers can connect directly with Cali and track their progress.


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