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New book focuses on helping women to launch successful online businesses

Kathleen introduces her book to help women succeed with their online business marketing
photo courtesy of Kathleen Gage

Author Kathleen Gage celebrated the launch of her latest book, "Power Up for Profits: A Smart Women's Guide to Online Marketing" by doing what she advises her readers to do-get out there and promote. The result of Kathleen's planning and participation in events, media, and marketing activities including social media has been to elevate her new book to a best-seller status.

The pathway to selling books and building her business included Kathleen agreeing to radio interviews, guest hosting online podcasts, writing guest blog posts for 25 sites, sending out e-mails, doing teleseminars, and participating in lots of social media all to result in a powerful, successful book launch.

Visibility as Kathleen explains," allows you to reach more people with your message, resulting in greater impact and fulfilling your life's work."

At the core of Kathleen's work is the message she shares with her readers,"honor the gifts that are your passion and life's work and accept that it is okay to make money doing your life's work." It is clear from her continual efforts at sharing her message that she will keep her name visible to her intended audiences. Kathleen also has been doing this ever since she launched her online business in 1994.

During Kathleen's talk show interview on Successipes on Blog Talk Radio she shared," For many years I earned 100% of my income from my online efforts. "With the amazing response I' have received to "Power Up For Profits : A Smart Woman's Guide to Online Marketing," I have been flooded with requests for personal appearances, live training ,coaching, and other speaking engagements and am going to get back out in the public spotlight more than before."

Kathleen explained her heart-felt passion for making a difference in people's lives. Here's what she knows," The world is in a world of hurt. If what you do even remotely heals the minds, bodies, spirits, finances, and relationships of your tribe, you absolutely must do all you can to get your message to market. "

"My goal is to help as many women as possible on their pathway to online business success." She continued," Now is the best time in history to answer your calling and spread your message around the world. There are five key things you must do to make this happen.1. Identify your market.2. Identify your expertise.3. Position your expert status.4. Package your expertise and 5. Market and Sell."

The pathway to your success will not always be easy to follow but as Kathleen says," There will be times when things are a challenge, and it is often the challenges that inspire us in our true calling."

This book will guide readers through the "how to" do business online from setting up the marketing foundations, building e-mail subscriber lists, developing information products, blogging, article writing, social media techniques and best practices, public relations and social media releases, free publicity, how to host teleseminars and webinars, joint ventures and partnerships, and even how to incorporate video into your business success strategies.

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