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New book discusses ways to make your cat the next feline Internet sensation

A new book gives you tips for how to turn your cat into a famous Internet cat
Eve-Angeline Mitchell

Making your cat into an Internet celebrity could be your ticket to financial freedom. A new book, called "How to Make your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom," can teach you how to do just that. Authors Patricia Carlin and Dustin Fenstermacher give you all the information you need to make your cat the next big feline sensation.

According to an article about the book in The Huffington Post, all you have to do is observe, identify, study, focus on the physical, focus on the behavioral, and be honest with yourself.

  • Observe: Know your cat's physical features from every angle. Know her markings, her eye color, her expressions, the shape of her ears, the length of her tail, her general color, everything. Know her physical quirks so well you can picture them clearly in your mind.
  • Identify: Now figure out what makes her stand out from everyone else. Is it her markings, her nose? Does she have unusually vivid eyes, or maybe a strange eye? Is she unusually fluffy like Colonel Meow, or does she have an unusual, set expression like Grumpy Cat?
  • Study: Go over all the notes you've taken on what makes your cat unique. You might have a better idea of what you can do with her afterward.
  • Focus on the physical: Figure out what your cat's best features are. Find out what her best side and her worst side are, or determine if she even has a best side and a worst side. This is especially important if you're going to be taking lots of pictures of her. Keep in mind, you'll need a good camera if you want to do this. Cell phone cameras and cheap point-and-shoots don't cut it, because you don't have the focus and settings you have on a real, quality camera. With a good camera, it's easier to catch her in a clear, crisp shot as she's running, jumping, writhing, playing, or doing her thing.
  • Focus on behavior: What does your cat do that makes her stand out? Does her tongue hang out of her mouth when she jumps up to catch something midair? Are her jumps weird? Maybe she's a sleek, svelte, perfect cat until she tries to jump, or goes to eat, and then suddenly, she's Homer Simpson. Maybe when she stares at your computer screen, she fidgets or twitches just a little, but at the right angle it looks like she's actually hard at work on something earth-shattering. Find that one thing she does that's too adorable, too hilarious, or too strange, and capture it.
  • Be honest: Some cats just don't have what it takes to be famous Internet cats. She has to grab attention. Many, many cats are just…cats. So it's entirely possible that your cat won't make the cut no matter what you do.

You can also check out Animal Planet's "Top 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make your Cat an Internet Star." Most of them are similar, but one tip stands out. You can create a fun storyline for your cat. Be her producer and director, and entice her to do something cute, silly, hilarious, strange, or otherwise noteworthy. Or set her up to look or act a certain way. This is similar to the idea of taking video of her while she looks like she's working at your computer. If she tolerates costumes and sets, you could make her into just about anything. Just remember: It's still true that not every cat can be a star. There's nothing wrong with giving your cat a little help, though.

If you'd like to buy "How to Make your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom," it's available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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