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New book accuses Kate Gosselin of child abuse

Kate Gosselin walks through a parking lot with her children.
Kate Gosselin walks through a parking lot with her children.
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It may be hard to rationalize, but statistics show a child is abused every 10 seconds in the United States and 5 children die daily from abuse or neglect. As hard as it is to believe child abuse happens in the best of homes. Some people believe child abuse only happens to those in poverty stricken homes and to uneducated people, but the truth is abuse does not discriminate -- even to the rich and famous.

Kate Gosselin was never known for her warm and charming personality on the TLC hit show Jon & Kate Plus 8. She appeared a bit controlling and cold not only towards her children but also to her husband Jon. Today Hollywood Life reported "Kate Gosselin is at the center of a controversial new book titled, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Queen." The author, Robert Hoffman, reportedly followed Gosselin and her young children during her height to fame. Now, Hoffman is making accusations that her "parenting was more than strict — it was downright abusive."

Hoffman told Star Magazine, “She was beating 2-year-old babies in diapers.” The author also claims he found Gosselin's private journals.

Hoffman claims Gosselin's journals detailed how she "used a wooden spoon to hit her children, and would even grab them by their hair." He added, “I don’t judge somebody for spanking, but what Kate wrote in her journal is just absolute violence.”

This is not the first time Gosselin has been accused of abusing her children. According to a news article by Nicole Ramage a reporter for the Examiner wrote that "Kate Gosselin has been reported to Child Protective Services for beating her children with a wooden spoon, and other child abuse. In journals that Kate wrote that helped her write her two books Eight Little Faces and Multiple Bles8ings," Kate wrote;

"I really, really lost it! I pulled Collin up by the hair and I spanked them all so hard," she wrote about an incident when the kids helped themselves to M&Ms without asking."

"I sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard... I never felt I may really seriously injure a child, but today was that day."

The book is being called "absolutely chilling" and the abuse the children have endured is "horrible." According to several book reviews on many readers are outraged over the way Gosselin beat her children but also punishing them by locking a "boy outside in the freezing winter because he didn't close the door all the way" or "tried to shove a boy's face into Shoka's poop because the boy let Shoka inside when he wasn't supposed to."

Other reviewers were outraged over the claim Gosselin "withheld meals as punishment" and many reviewers believe "she should have her kids taken away from her."

Gosselin herself has made several strong and shocking claims of child abuse in her own personal journals. Hoffman claims that he reported Gosselin to child protective services after reading her journals. He was told the reports would be looked into but nothing ever became of it. These abusive claims were allegedly wrote by Gosselin herself.

Gosselin's attorney, Marc Randazza, told ABC News, "she has as much right to this being kept private as anyone."

According to, Gosselin and two of the most powerful law firms in the country tried to stop this book from being published. After reading "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Queen" you'll never look at Reality television the same again.

I have yet to read this book but I hope to in the near future and write a full review of my findings.

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