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New Biomedical Academy presented by the FWISD


I love what the FWISD has come up with for the next generation students.  The FWISD has public schools, and SIP schools. Special interest program schools, are excellent programs that focus on children individually and help thier skills evolve.  I, myself am one who attended one, Polytechnic Magnet high school for Finance and Communication.  Back then it used to be called "Magnet Program."  I learned a lot of information and had better opportunities, as well as college credits in my high school year.  Now, my daughter is earning high school credits in her middle school year.  The goal is to earn as much in middle school to be able to fill those high school classes with college credit classes in high school.  The only hard thing is that you, (the parent) has to find the schools and programs that offer it.  The parent has to be passionate about thier childs learning and be there 100% for them.

FWISD has a new school opening up called, The Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences Prep (TABS).  I am assuming it is a high school SIP program. There will be a conference at UNT, March 22, 2010 at 7p.m. to discuss the program to the general public.  The program opens August 2010 at W.C.  Stripling Middle School to 8th grade students to prepare them for the opening of the high school in 2011.  This is going to be a great, challenging opportunity for the next generation adults.

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