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New bike paths being installed on Polk Street near Civic Center in San Francisco

Bicycling pathway near Civic Center
Bicycling pathway near Civic Center
darrin atkins

San Francisco is becoming more and more bike-friendly as the days go by. And if you are thinking about moving to a city where bicycle commuting is accepted and appreciated, well your first choice might be the beautiful City by the Bay.

Commuting by bicycle is great for your health and wonderful for the environment. The only think that has been lacking is a city that is open to the idea of having lots of bicycle commuters, and that is willing to make structural changes to the streets to allow safer bike riding.

San Francisco is taking the national lead when it comes to bike commuting. Recently more and more downtown streets have started having their own designated green riding paths that are safe from big cars and trucks.

If you would like to know more about the new bike paths in San Francisco, like the new one along Polk Street near Market Street in San Francisco, you should visit the following websites.

First, has a great page designated for information about the changes along Polk Street near Civic Center and north and south from there. Also, the San Francisco Planning Department has great details on their website.

San Francisco has always been hip. Now, for bike commuters, it is starting to become an oasis for people who care about the environment and who want to ride their bicycle to and from downtown for work or play. Maybe it is time for lots of others to join this latest movement.

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