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New Bern, N.C. mayor and 2 aldermen attend funeral of cop killer

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When the media was alerted this week that New Bern’s Mayor Dana Outlaw and Aldermen Kinsey and White chose to attend the funeral of the career criminal that killed Officer Alexander Thalmann, the community was livid. The story went viral.

Adding insult to injury, a public memorial this week for the townspeople to say “goodbye” to the young officer was cancelled by the mayor’s office.

It was alleged that two of the city’s aldermen had invited relatives of the killer to attend the vigil. Rather than rescind the invitation, the city chose to cancel the event.

Following those two blatant acts of disrespect, Thalmann’s family requested that Mayor Outlaw not present the ceremonial flag at the funeral. A city councilman made the presentation instead.

Well wishers were able to pay their respects yesterday in a miles long procession that wound through town, under a firefighter’s arch, and then north some 40 miles to Thalmann’s hometown known locally as Little Washington.

Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann, 22, was killed in a shootout March 28, with career criminal, Bryan Stallings. Thalmann’s fellow officer, Justin Wester, 23, was wounded in the firefight.

Thalmann was also a Lance Corporal in the Marine Reserves with a Combat Logistic Battalion in Raleigh, N.C. He has had two overseas deployments to Afghanistan.

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