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New beauty product coupon book found at Publix

New coupon booklet at Publix for health and beauty items.
Get great deals on beauty items at Publix.

The next time you are in Publix, make sure to look for a display of Unilever products, including Dove, Vaseline, and Suave. You'll find a booklet on the front of the display that contains several valuable coupons for discounts on these personal care products.

The coupons included all expire on 9/30/09 and are as follows:

  • Save $2 on any two Dove hair care products
  • Save $1 on any one Dove Beauty Bar or body wash
  • Save $1.50 on any one Vaseline lotion
  • Save 75 cents on any one Q-tips cotton swabs
  • Save $1 on any two Suave body washes
  • Save $1 on any two Degree invisible solids

All of these coupons are labeled as manufacturer's coupons, but all say "Redeemable only at Publix" on the back.

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