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New 'Batman Arkham Knight' crime lab, returning character and more detailed

'Batman Arkham Knight' villian
'Batman Arkham Knight' villian
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, used with permission

The publisher of "Batman Arkham Knight" has posted more information for the upcoming PC, PS4 and Xbox One game. According to an update from the official Facebook page of the series on May 16, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment first confirmed the home base for Batman. The superhero will be using the crime lab set up at Gotham Clocktower, which is also where he can find Oracle.

The company also showed off one of the dialogue lines from a returning character. Harley Quinn will be brought back in the sequel, teasing that Batman was too late in preventing the destruction that she had caused. You can find a screen of the villain from the same aforesaid Facebook website with the photo embedded on the top side of this article.

In related news, Dual Shockers also reported that Rocksteady Studios had to come up with a compromise in regards to the Batmobile. The development team wanted to create a populated and highly-detailed setting of Gotham City while having to deal with the possibility of the vehicle getting stuck at the same time. As a result, they decided to make the Batmobile "unstoppable" as players can use the main road or take a shortcut through walls and other obstacles at the same time. You can find the comments made by Sefton Hill, the game's director, below:

Therefore, we made the decision early in development that to truly feel the power of the Batmobile, this car needed to be unstoppable. Nothing should stop the Batmobile. If you want to stick to an open road then that is your choice, but if you want to take a shortcut through a pillar, wall or statue then that’s fine too!

Gotham City is several times bigger than Arkham City from the previous game. Therefore, the Batmobile is needed in order to traverse to many locations such as the aforementioned Gotham Clocktower. Players also do not have to worry about crashing into many civilians as a majority of the population of the city has been evacuated due to a potential attack by Scarecrow.

More media assets should be revealed in the future for "Batman Arkham Knight," especially with the E3 2014 event occurring next month. Although Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment won't be holding a big press conference, the video game could still show up on the media briefings held Microsoft Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment. The software product is slated to ship later this fall for the PC and two next-generation systems.

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