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New Barbie Potty Trainin' Taffy is a dog-lover's dream

the perfect Barbie set for children who love pets
s. damon

Children love pets. They want a fur-ever friend who will stick by them no matter what: one they can groom, walk, cuddle and grow with. Throughout the years, Barbie® has been a veterinarian, pet groomer and a pet owner in her own right. She has cared for dogs, cats and horses, and children of all ages have enjoyed using their imaginations to bring Barbie® to life.

Now Barbie® has a new pet. Potty Trainin' Taffy® allows children who may not be able to have pets due to allergies or circumstances to have the real pet experience, because they can train Taffy using little bones and then clean up after her after she does her business!

Barbie is as beautiful as ever in a casual blue and pink dog walking outfit. Her feet are shod in blue platforms with little blue bow "ties." Her blonde hair is in a side ponytail and she is ready to take Taffy out for a stroll. Taffy is a pretty golden pup with an articulated tail and ears. After Barbie feeds Taffy her little treats, the natural thing occurs, because when your child pushes down on the tail, out pops the treats for clean-up!

The set includes Barbie, Taffy, 5 treats, a dog bowl, a "leash," a pooper scooper, a pink case for the accessories, and a pink harness on Taffy that holds her treats for being a good dog, Oh, don't forget, there's also a little blue garbage can for clean-up time.

Caring for a pet is a full-time commitment, and this would be the ideal toy for a child who either wants a pet, has one, or can't love a pet of their own because of circumstances. Barbie Potty Trainin' Taffy® can be followed online for even more fun and extended play. This is a durable toy that allows for creative play when paired with other Barbie products or on its own.

As always, this toy is recommended for children over the age of 3 years because of possible choking hazards.

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