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New Barbie live action comedy movie back in the works from Sony/Mattel

Barbie doll is finally coming to a silver screen near you in the near future! As reported in "Universal Studios signs new celebrity star - Barbie; Barbie to star in live-action movie," in 2009 the Hollywood buzz was the new live action movie about Barbie that was in the work through a partnership with Mattel and Universal Studios.

Barbie dolls -- past and present
Barbie bathing suits from 2009 and 1959
Mattel press kit

Universal picked Barbie, who turned 55 in March 2014, as an internationally known, globally-branded figure to join other toy lines and franchises in upcoming movies. However, the movie never happened...until now.

Mattel announced on April 23 it has found a new partner in Sony Pictures which sees Barbie as a potential new franchise for the studio in addition to “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Venom,” “The Sinister Six,” “Men in Black,”“Bad Boys” and “Smurfs.”

The Barbie movie is planned as a live action comedy, written by Jenny Bicks and produced by husband and wife Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald. According to reports some of Barbie's many careers will be worked into the movie along with her signature pink Malibu mansion and sports car. Surely there will be Ken Carson, Midge and Skipper in the film as well as others of her numerous siblings.

“While it’s an overused word, Barbie truly is a legend, a cultural symbol whose career choices have been as unlimited as her wardrobe,” Parkes and MacDonald said in a statement. “She is about empowerment, but never at the expense of fun. Our hope is to capture all of these aspects of Barbie in a modern take of the character that can appeal to moviegoers of all ages.”

Production on the film is slated to begin at the end of 2014.

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