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New Bar Opens in Framingham

Inside of O'Connells Pub
Inside of O'Connells Pub
Photo from Metrowest Daily News

Sure there are a number of bars in Framingham, but after a while the bars get old. Spending every weekend at Peps, Owens or Samba gets boring and a change of pace is desperately needed.  Thankfully O'Connells Pub has open and provides the Metrowest with a new sports bar

Located on 700 Worcester Road (Rt. 9 Eastbound) in Framingham lies O'Connells Pub.  Not only is it a sports bar but it also is open daily for lunch and dinner. The bar is huge and the walls are lined with large flat screen TV's. Even some tables come with individual TVs, for a more private viewing. The atmosphere is great and the staff is friendly. O'Connells Pub is a great place to drink a few cold ones and cheer on your favorite New England sports team!

For more info: O'Connells Pub. 700 Worcester Road Framingham 01702. 508. 283.1079