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New at ToysRUs: The DohVinci Flower Tower kit

Flower Tower or Flower Power is all in the imagination
Flower Tower or Flower Power is all in the imagination

In past years, Playdo opened up the world of creativity to children with products such as cans of modeling compound, molds, creative presses and more. Colors changed throughout the years, but this enduring toy has remained a favorite of children. Using Playdo, any child can feel like an artist.

Children learned to use other art media with Playdo to enhance the experience: craft sticks, toothpicks and gel paint or sparkles are often used to add some zip to a finished creative. Air drying lets the resulting sculpture or picture last a long time. Trust Playdo to combine recommendations from parents and their experts to help children create what they really love.

Now, Playdo strikes again, with something new to get your child's creativity flowing. ToysRUs has introduced the DohVinci Flower Tower kit to their lineup of popular toys. Children from age six to tween age will be captivated by the ability to build their own frame tower for photos or make other creations of their choosing. The 3D tower lets them add futuristic flowers and photo frames. To add flower accents - reminiscent of "flower power" - children just aim, squeeze and design. It's like using a glue gun or cake decorating, only cooler.

Creations harden overnight to last for a long time, making them perfect for gift-giving or for displays in your child's bedroom.

4 different colors of Deco Pop tubes plus a Styler and design tips are included in the package. There is also an inspiration guide to get kids started. Unlike paints and markers, you just have to wipe off your design and try again if you make a mistake or if isn't quite what you want. Children (and adults) can experiment with dots, lines, squiggles and swirls to make your own art.

This kit makes it really easy to get creative:

1. Choose your first color.
2. Slide the Deco Pop tube with its colorful design compound into the Styler.
3. Squeeze to make fun 3D art.

This is like using a glue gun or decorating tube for baking, without the mess and fuss and heat associated with working with glue and changing colors is super easy. Just pop out the Deco Pop tube and pop in another! When your work of art is done, display it and it can air dry overnight to last as a gift or your own decorative sculpture. It makes the perfect photo frame display.
Includes: 4-piece frame kit, specialty star tip, add-on pieces, Styler, and 4 Deco Pop tubes.

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