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New artists with a new twist

Broadway Tattoo
Broadway Tattoo
Photograph taken by Danielle Coots

Caitlin Curtis and Brian Hoffmann put their artistic talents together to offer the area’s newest tattoo shop. Broadway Tattoo opened last month at 5222 S. County Road, 25a in Tipp City. Strictly a tattoo parlor, Curtis and Hoffmann do anything from detailed flowers and personalized skulls and everything in between.

Caitlin Curtis and Brian Hoffman, tattoo artists at Broadway Tattoo
Photograph taken by Danielle Coots

“This has been a dream come true,” Hoffmann said. “I was working as a custodian at Huber Heights City Schools for the last nine years. They weren’t doing so good, so I found this place and thought I should just do it. I went to Florida to get familiar with tattooing and apprenticed in Kettering a longtime ago, but it didn’t go so good. So, my family and friends told me I should do something with my art, so I found this place and am excited to get into tattooing again.”

After Hoffmann found the Broadway Tattoo location, did renovations and gave the place a new fresh look, providing a clean and open space while allowing privacy, he sat out to find a partner who had his same vision and business mindset. After interviewing numerous individuals, he found Curtis and knew instantly they would be a perfect fit.

Curtis went to graphic design school in Kettering. “No one told me that when I got back there would be no jobs or that,” Curtis said. “So, I love art and I definitely wanted a career in that so that’s when I got into tattooing. I did my apprenticeship in Piqua. I have such a passion for art, so this is perfect for me.”

“I want to go a different route with our shop. All the other shops around seem like an assembly line. They pick and choose who they work on,” Hoffmann said. “I just want to keep it her and I and keep it personable. Also, having a female artist balances out the art perfectly.”

The shop is simple and classy. It has the feel of a homey and comfortable environment. They pride themselves in cleanliness and personal attention. They take the time to get to know the clients and their goal is to personalize the tattoo for that individual person, rather than just copying a photo or a snapshot of someone else’s photo. They will take the photo and individualize it for that person. Having a tattoo with Broadway Tattoo is not only about getting inked, but sharing your individual story through art and Curtis and Hoffmann are willing and dedicated to taking the time to do that for each client.

“We have people coming from Troy, West Milton, Vandalia and also Tipp City,” Curtis said. “So, as more people find out about us, we are getting more business. People put a lot of trust in their tattooist and we take that serious.”

“When you leave our place, you’re going to feel good about not only your tattoo, but the experience. We treat everyone like they’re family,” Hoffmann said. “We’re not an assembly line. I want to give the customer what they want and make it their own. We want the tattoo to look good because it is our work. We’re not your classic tattoo shop.”

For more information, visit Broadway Tattoo on Facebook or contact the shop at (937)506-7184.