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New artist you should know: The Phoenix Within

The Phoenix Within
The Phoenix Within
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Music influences our lives daily. We tune into the usual top ten on the radio or we put on our favorites list as we travel, do chores or to simply relax. We come across new music all the time and never grow tired of our playlist. It is rare to discover new talent but every now and then we get lucky.

Introducing the indie rock band The Phoenix Within

The Phoenix Within is from your very own city, New York. The lead singer and rhythm guitar player, Omar Feliciano, has been writing songs, stories and poetry ever since he can remember. When he could no longer keep his work to himself, he reached out to his friends Lawrence Turco who plays the drums, Kenny O’Donohue the bass player, and Joe Balzano the lead guitar player.

Each member of the band have an individual talent. They combined their talents to attribute a sound for the band- a sound that will have you instantly love.

The music

A lot goes into creating a song and it is clear through their music The Phoenix Within not only worked hard but poured their hearts into their music. They have the ability to influence you with meaningful and thoughtful lyrics you can relate to.

With help from Rob Freeman, the band was able to record and release their self-titled album on Jan. 1, 2013. The band’s style is influenced by other great rock bands such as Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance and Green Day.

When listening to their song “Free Myself”, you not only hear the music but you can feel it. The lyrics provide a visual as the guitars and drums accompany the visual.

Their music is much more than a good song to listen to. The Phoenix Within album exhibits insightful and significant songs that listeners can relate to.

You can listen to their music here and judge for yourself.

In the months or years to come, The Phoenix Within will be big and you can say you were one of the first to hear about them.

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