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New artist Stephen B. Steward proves dreams do come true with debut album

It is said there are dreams that live inside each individual, waiting to make its way to reality. For Christian worship leader, singer, and songwriter Stephen B. Steward his dream has made its way to maturation in a major way. On Tuesday, May 20, Steward will launch his highly-anticipated debut album, "Enter Your Gates."

Stephen B. Steward releases his debut album May 20
J Hardy Agency

"Highly-anticipated' has become somewhat of a cliche in the music industry, being attached to many projects that may be just the opposite. However with Steward, the adjective rings true. After a successful career in law enforcement and as a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Steward methodically began to chart his path into the industry in 2012 and dived head-long into the second phase of his life.

Securing the assistance of The J Hardy Agency, Steward strategically introduced himself to the world, building anticipation for his emergence on the Christian/Gospel music tableau. He collaborated with his long-time friend Gospel legend and multiple Grammy®-winner Andrae Crouch and the duo penned "With My Whole Heart" which swiftly ascended on the Gospel and Christian singles charts.

Last month Steward shared billing with his mentor Crouch and Grammy®-nominated gospel legend Jonathan Butler at the "One Night Only" concert in Pasadena where he performed several songs from "Enter His Gates." He's also been making the rounds at many high profile events. To top it off, he has gotten the attention of the Huffington Post. Not bad for a new artist.

Reminiscent of famed '90s worship leader Ron Kenoly, Steward delivers songs on "Enter Your Gates" that create an environment ripe for the manifestation of the presence of God. Those looking for more of the same, sometimes cookie-cutter music experience won't find it here. The album is obviously a labor of love as Steward, who has more than 300 songs in his writing repertoire, shares his passion for God with lyrics that will take the listener into a place of worship.There is no ambiguity on this album. The listener clearly knows who these songs are about and what gates will be entered.

Stephen B. Steward embodies the fact that dreams do come true. After all, the race is not to the swift, but the one that endures to the end. With his measured approach to his debut, Steward has potentially carved out a niche for himself. As Act 2 of his life kicks into high gear, there will certainly be encores for years to come.

The album release party for "Enter Your Gates" takes place May 20 @7:30 p.m. at the Pasadena Media, 150 S. Los Robles, Pasadena, CA, 9110. Lowell Pye (former member of the Stellar award winning male trio Men of Standard) and veteren gospel singer Renee Spearman. Admission is a $15 donation and includes the CD. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Steward's charity the LOV Olive Branches.

"Enter Your Gates" is available May 20 in stores and online. To learn more about Stephen B. Steward visit his website, Facebook and Twitter.

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