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New Artist Profile: Mateo


Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are some of the big names up and comer Mateo has been working with and it's not stopping there. His urban music is so hot, that he is dubbing it Urban Mod. The R&B singer has always been ready for the spotlight and in the following interview, he tells why.

Why did you title the EP Love and Stadiums II?

Sonically they have big drums and stadium-coldplayesque stadium feel to it.

You have been playing classical piano since the age of 5. Were you naturally drawn to the instrument or coerced into playing?

I can't even remember how I started playing! I do have a musical family background, though. My grandmother was a touring singer from Canada and England. She was a diva! My grandfather was a blues guitarist in Ohio and played for James Brown.

What drew you initially from Ohio to Los Angeles?

I just wanted to do music and I doors started opening up for me. There is more opportunity to do my music thing full time there.

You worked with Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. Who would you want to work with again?

I worked with Alicia Keys briefly. It was such a vibe. I worked face to face with her in NYC and she really gets into the music and vibe of things. I also worked with Kerry "Krucial" Brothers and once you work with him--there's no going back. They both are very talented individuals and get into their craft.

What is your current single, "Say Its So" about?

When I wrote the song I was thinking of a culmination of all the relationships I had. When they ended I felt distraught about it and hoping the other person feels the same way.

When's the full length album coming out?

We are trying to get something out first quarter 2012. It all has the urban sound to it and at this point I just want to get it out. It's really good stuff.

You coined the phrase Urban Mod. What is Urban Mod?

I do urban music that has a pop music feel to it. Urban mod is the new mod in urban music--it's about fashion and listening to other types of different music and incorporating it into that.

For more info on Mateo check out his web site at:


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