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New artist-inspired yoga mats from Grey Area

Wim Delvoye mat from Grey Area.
Wim Delvoye mat from Grey Area.Courtesy Grey Area

During Art Basel’s prodigious display of modern and contemporary art, Dec. 4 – 7, in Miami, Grey Area debuted their whimsical collection of artist-designed yoga mats.

Grey Area debuted their artist-inspired yoga mats at Art Basel.
Grey Area debuted their artist-inspired yoga mats at Art Basel.Courtesy Grey Area

From a kaleidoscope pattern topped with the image of Mr. Clean, his intestines exposed, the artist’s name across his waistline to the likeness of a partial moon, craters on the bottom and an open window cut into the smooth upper section, the images speak to the ironies that emerge when commerce and spirituality collide. The artwork spans the spectrum from complex to simple.

Seven mats produced by artists Daniel Arsham, Wim Delvoye, Eric Cahan, @earlboykins (Andrew Kuo’s idiosyncratic instagram identity), Jon Kessler, Kon Trubkovic and in-house Grey Area designers bear images inspired by sahasrara, the crown chakra. (When fully activated sahasrara is the highest experience of human evolution.) The underside of the mat is purple, the color that represents the chakra that resides at the top of the head.

The mats are made from eco-friendly PVC and can be purchased at