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New Artis makeup brushes maximize makeup routine and cleaning them is a breeze

Artis, Latin for “skill, method, technique, conduct, character," is founded by Matthew Waitesmith (former senior executive of MAC Cosmetics), who combined ergonomics with design to create a brush that is efficient and unique looking. After more than 15 years heading the MAC Cosmetics’ Global Artist Training and Development program, Matthew Waitesmith knows consumers' needs, and he observed that applying makeup to oneself is not the same experience as applying it to someone else. As a result, the configuration of the tools should be unique for each one. He created the Artis Brush Collection to compliment the human finger in order maximize self application, thus the bristles are perpendicular to the handle.

Matthew Waitesmith launches Artis Brushes
Photos by Bevs L.
New Artis makeup brushes, created by Matthew Waitesmith, maximizes makeup routine and cleaning the brushes is a breeze
photo courtesy of Artis, used with permission

Artis brushes a 100% animal free and vegan. They don't contain the typical the standard animal fiber bristle, and are made of a completely consistent, man-made material called CosmeFibre monofilaments. The handles are made of a thermoformed resins, such as those used to make high end automobile components. According to Matthew Waitesmith, natural fibers are made to protect by trapping things at a molecular level, so makeup brushes often hold onto cosmetic particles, which leads to a lot of strokes and reapplying to achieve consistency. This new technology is wonderful, because Artis brushes will not waste makeup. With Artis brushes, just a little bit of concealer and foundation goes a long way two deliver a beautiful, flawless and professional look.

Some top favorite brushes for the optimal makeup look are as follows:

  • Circle 1 is the perfect lip color brush, because it applies lip products across the lip quickly and softly, and can also be used for a more precise edge. It's also great for apply small areas of concealer to cover up spots. This brush is very comfortable and natural to use, thanks to the tilt from the handle and a round fibre bundle which ends in a flattened surface that simulates the shape of a lipstick bullet tip.
  • Oval 3 is very helpful for applying concealer and foundation to the inside corner area of the eye and on the side of the nose. It blends with perfection, and requires little concealer and foundation, so your makeup lasts longer!
  • Oval 6 is a must-have for applying foundation to the face, or contouring the cheekbone area. It's wonderful for applying and blending blush, making cheeks look natural and healthy.
  • Oval 8 boasts of 100s of thousands of fibres in an oval shape for perfect application of foundation and setting powder. It's also effective for blending bronzing and highlighting powders to the face and body.
  • Oval 10 is larger than the Oval 8 brush, and provides amazing coverage to the face and body. It's amazing for applying setting powder, blending highlighters, shimmers. It's also wonderful for application of powder and foundation to the whole face in literally seconds!

Cleaning Artis brushes is a breeze, thanks to the Artis Foaming Brush Cleanser, which is alcohol-free and sanitizes the fibres in approximately five minutes! Yes, that's correct - using the Artis Foaming Brush Cleanser with the microfibre brush will can and sanitize all the Artis makeup brushes in about five minutes. This is perfect for those who are always rushing to get to work in the morning, and for busy moms.

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