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New art Magma Spray spotted on Magic Online

This is the worst Super Soaker fight ever.

Poking around the files of Magic Online sometimes leads to the discovery of versions of cards that haven't been released yet. This valuable piece of advice is not lost on's vaultboyzk, who seems to have stumbled upon a promo version of a certain common red removal spell that was recently reprinted, now featuring Koth in the artwork.

Yes, it seems Magma Spray is getting a reprint in promotional form in some fashion or another - it's not too far of a stretch to say it's for Friday Night Magic, as a new-art version of Tormented Hero that turned out to be the same as the FNM promo one was discovered in this same fashion. Oddly enough, this one features a planeswalker we haven't seen in a while in the artwork, as well as new flavor text: A stone hurled at an enemy is deadlier in liquid form.

And although Koth seems to be in a New Phyrexia-like landscape in this one, what with the smoggy skies and sinister rock formations (honestly, it seems to call to mind Mehrunes Dagon's Deadlands from The Elder Scrolls IV more than anything), this still could be an indicator that he's set to return to Standard in the coming block; monored needs more non-Chandra planeswalkers, after all.

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