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New app helps babies take cute selfies

A new app helps babies take cute selfies as Apple adds a section titled “Sharing Selfies” to Apple's App Store, according to a March 15 report in KRMG.

The “Sharing Selfies” section is packed with photography apps that help users snap and share self portraits—or self portraits that include friends. Free iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps that take selfies include:

“CreamCam" – this app gives you flawless skin for your perfect selfie and automatically enhances self portraits so you always look you best.

“Close-up daily selfies” is an app that lets you make time-lapse videos of your daily selfies.

“Selfie RC Lite – Camera Remote Control” is an award winning camera app for taking group pictures or selfies.

“Free Selfie Enhancer”- is an app that makes you look perfect in a selfie or regular photo.

One of the most viewed selfies is the celebrity-filled one that Ellen DeGeneres took at the Oscars earlier this month.

Selfies aren't limited to adults though. The above viral video shows a baby in a selfie and baby selfies are becoming very popular.

“Baby Selfie” is a new Android app (99 cents) that uses sound effects to catch a baby's attention and then this app quickly snaps a bust of shots so one baby selfie is almost guaranteed to be in focus.

“miBabyShots” (99 cents) is an app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that works in the same basic way, letting your baby or toddler take selfies automatically. All a parent or caregiver has to do is open the app, set the camera to automatic and then let your baby explore what excites them.

Both apps are designed for parent/caregivers and babies to use and enjoy together because the American Academy of Pediatrics says that children under two years of age profit most from social interaction—not passive screen time (be it the computer or the television).

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