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New Android music app, is this the first toe into the Google Music pool?

New Android Music Player interface
New Android Music Player interface
Alain Joseph

I originally wrote about Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in this article and I described some probable specs that would be coming with Gingerbread. It looks as if one of those will be coming to fruition but separate from Gingerbread. This new feature comes in the form of an app for the stock Android music player. Google Music has been creating a formidable music platform for quite some time. Some bullet points I illustrated in my article were:

  • Google Music app – with cloud storage and share capabilities to browsers, devices and other users. (Ping who?)
  • iTunes and Windows Media music streaming
  • New GUI. It will be similar to Photo Gallery. This will most likely include changes to scrolling, notification bar and new icons. Also think multitask viewing in a cover flow format.
  • Backup and Restore to the Cloud. We have very high storage limits for Gmail. Can we get some storage for our mobile phones?

I expect most of these to come down the pike soon as well as:

  1. Music Onebox – Google’s music search result that allows you stream music from the results page.
  2. Google Discover Music – Google’s new music search system that allows you to find music on the web.
  3. Google Simplified Media – which will be a desktop app that will link to your Android phone giving you access to DRM-free music. Basically allowing you to share music cross platform as a stream wirelessly.

Now Google has launched a beta app for Android music called “Music” and a collaborative app called “JumperTest” which will be for media streaming.

For all you risky, rooting, tech people who like to push your phones to the edge you can find the Android music apk at one of these links. Please do so at your own risk:

Here is a clip from Google I/O. View the left for slide show previews and videos on how it works. Enjoy, because there is definitely more to come.


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